DDO Audit supports an API for accessing LFM data that may be used for personal and non-commercial applications. By using this data for your own projects you agree to the following conditions:

  • For any application published to the community:
    • Credit for the data should be attributed to "DDO Audit".
    • You should not replicate this project verbatim. Any released tool must differ considerably in form or function.
  • For any application:
    • You may not generate revenue from any application that uses this data. I cannot claim any rights of ownership to this data, and neither can any developer that uses it.
      • The website or application must be free to use.
      • The website or application must not contain any ads or affiliate links.
    • Data may be polled as frequently as 15-second intervals. Exceptions include testing/development purposes and limited-duration cases.

Data acquisition may be performed in the following manner:

  • No validation or keys are required. Anyone can request data whenever they want for whatever reasons they want.
    • I assume this will be a niche tool, and I trust the few that will be using it to abide by the rules. If it's exploited, however, I'll put an end to it.
  • For group data: A GET request can be sent to /api/groups.
    • Content-type is application/json.

The following is a detailed description of the information found in the JSON response of the API. If you still have questions or requests for additional data to be included in the API, please message me on Discord as Clemeit#7994, Reddit as Clemeit, or on Twitter @DDOAudit.


Server Header

  • Name: The name of the server
  • LastUpdateTime: The time stamp of the last data collection (UTC)
  • GroupCount: Number of groups on the server

Group Data

  • Groups: An array of group objects
  • Comment: The public comment associated with the post
  • QuestName: The name of the selected quest
    • if no quest has been selected
  • AdventureType: To distinguish between quests, raids, and wilderness
  • Difficulty: The difficulty of the selected quest
    • May contain data even if no quest is selected
  • AcceptedClasses: An array of accepted classes
    • The array is empty if all classes are accepted
  • AcceptedCount: The number of accepted classes
    • An integer between 1 and 15 (15 is any class)
  • MinimumLevel: Minimum level accepted
  • MaximumLevel: Maximum level accepted
  • AdventureActive: The number of minutes the adventure has been active
    • Defaults to 0 if the quest has not been started

Leader Data

  • Leader: An object containing the party leader's information
  • Name: The leader's name
  • Gender: The leader's gender
  • Race: The leader's race
  • TotalLevels: The leader's total level, including epic levels
  • Classes: Array of class objects
    • Name: The name of the class
    • Level: The level of the class
  • Location: The leader's location
    • Not currently mapped to an instance name

Group Data

  • Members: An array of group member objects, excluding the leader
  • Name: The member's name
  • Gender: The member's gender
    • or if the player is anonymous
  • Race: The member's race
  • TotalLevels: The member's total level, including epic levels
  • Classes: Array of class objects
    • Name: The name of the class
    • Level: The level of the class
  • Location: The member's location
    • Not currently mapped to an instance name

Example Classes

  • Example classes in C# compatible with Newtonsoft

Miscellaneous Information

  • Groups are sorted by minimum accepted level, descending.
  • Groups with no party leader or members (commonly known as "broken LFMs") have already been filtered out of the report data.
  • Anonymous players are included, but I've replaced their names with "Anonymous" just like in game.

Change Log

May 22, 2020 - Implementation

  • Initial implementation of the API